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 Proposal on the Federation of: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) Secondary Girls School, Copenhagen Primary School, Holloway Secondary Co Ed School, and Vittoria Primary School  


A Consultation

24 May - 5 July 2018

Download a copy of the consultation document (PDF, 207KB).

The purpose of this survey is to commence the formal consultation to establish a new federation of schools between the following parties:

  • Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Secondary Girls School and Copenhagen Primary School – Federated
  • Holloway Secondary Co-ed School
  • Vittoria Primary School

Over the last three years, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) and Copenhagen Schools have been working together in a federation led by the Executive Head Teacher, Ms Jo Dibb and a unified governing body. Recently, Ms Dibb has been working with Holloway School as a seconded Executive Head. All four schools work together informally in a number of ways, as they do with other schools across the Borough of Islington.

Each of the Governing Bodies of the above schools have agreed, subject to consultation, to form a new federation. Within this proposed federation, the schools will each retain their own identity, but will be governed by one federated governing body, working with common principles and values.

Each Governing Body is committed to the principle of the Local Authority Community of schools. We recognise the value of, and support the move for schools to work together, whatever their governance arrangements, and we will seek to continue to actively support the Islington Community of Schools. The work of the Angel Teaching Alliance on the professional development of teachers, which is led by EGA, will be of continuing importance to the proposed Federation and we support its further development.

Each Governing Body is also receptive to further broadening the proposed Federation in the future should other schools in the area, who share our aims, wish to join.

Schools are dynamic organisations and to remain successful they need to be constantly improving. They continually present challenges that need to be addressed. These may be connected to ageing buildings, recruitment of new staff, the need to provide career development opportunities for existing staff, ensuring that the computer facilities are up to scratch, providing great learning and experiences for our pupils and managing all of these demands within increasingly tight budgets.

The three governing bodies consider that all four schools will be better able to continue to improve and meet these critical challenges by working together in close partnership.